Special Parking Regulations in the Core Subdistrict

(a)        Off-site parking

The off-site parking location provisions of Sections 36-42 and 36-43 shall not apply. In lieu thereof, all permitted or required accessory off-street parking spaces may be provided on any zoning lot within the Core Subdistrict.

(b)        Roof parking

Any roof, or portion thereof, that covers off-street parking spaces and is larger than 400 square feet in surface area, shall be landscaped. Up to five percent of such roof area may be used for mechanical equipment, provided that such mechanical equipment is screened from view by a fence which is at least 75 percent opaque or by at least three feet of dense planting. Up to 25 percent of such roof area may be accessible solely from an adjacent dwelling unit and the remaining roof area shall be accessible for the recreational use of the occupants of the building in which it is located. Hard surfaced areas shall not cover more than 60 percent of such roof area.