Applicability of Article VI, Chapter 2

The provisions of Article VI, Chapter 2 (Special Regulations Applying in the Waterfront Area) shall apply in all waterfront areas, except as modified by the provisions of this Chapter.

For the purpose of applying the provisions of Article VI, Chapter 2, Parcels 1, 2, 3 and 4 within the Core Subdistrict, and any parcels having a boundary within 40 feet of a shoreline within the South Subdistrict, as shown on Map 1 (Special Harlem River Waterfront District, Subdistricts and Parcels) in the Appendix to this Chapter, shall be considered waterfront zoning lots, notwithstanding the mapping of any streets on such parcels after June 30, 2009 for the Core Subdistrict, and after December 11, 2017,  for the South Subdistrict.