Special Provisions for Optional Arcades

Any development located on a zoning lot with a lot line which coincides with either of the following street lines - the east side of Broadway between West 61st and West 65th Streets or the east side of Columbus Avenue between West 65th and West 66th Streets - may contain an arcade as defined in Section 12-10, except that:

(a)        the arcade shall extend the full length of the zoning lot along the street lines described above; however, the required arcade along the east side of Columbus Avenue may be terminated at a point 40 feet south of West 66th Street;

(b)        the exterior face of building columns shall lie along the street lines described above;

(c)        the minimum depth of the arcade shall be 15 feet (measured perpendicular to the exterior face of the building columns located on the street line) and the minimum height of the arcade along the center line of its longitudinal axis shall not be less than 20 feet;

(d)        the arcade shall contain no permanent obstruction within the area delineated by the minimum width and height requirements of this Section except for the following:

(1)        unenclosed cafes, provided that there is at least a six foot wide unobstructed pedestrian way adjacent to the street wall. In no event may such cafes be enclosed at any time; and

(2)        structural columns not exceeding two feet by three feet provided that the longer dimension of such columns is parallel to the street line, that such columns are spaced at a minimum of 17 feet on center, and that the space between such columns and the face of the street wall is at least 13 feet wide. No other columns shall project beyond the face of the street wall ;

(e)        no signs may be affixed to any part of the arcade or building columns except on a parallel to the street wall projecting no more than 18 inches therefrom parallel to the street line along which the arcade lies; and

(f)        the arcade shall be illuminated only by incandescent lighting to a standard of average eight foot-candle intensity with a minimum five foot-candle intensity at any point within the arcade.