Certification to modify maximum height of building or other structure

The special permit provisions of Section 73-66 (Height Regulations Around Airports) shall not apply. In lieu thereof, the height restrictions of Sections 61-21 (Restriction on Highest Projection of Building or Structure) or 61-22 (Permitted Projection within any Flight Obstruction Area), may be modified where the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission has certified to the Department of Buildings that the provisions of this Section have been met. An application for such certification shall include:

(a)        a site plan and elevations, showing the proposed building or other structure in relation to the underlying maximum height limits;

(b)        separate verification letters from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that such building or other structure, including the location of temporary structures such as construction cranes, will not constitute a danger to the safety of air passengers or disrupt established airways or runway operations, respectively; and

(c)        materials sufficient to demonstrate that the modified height of a building or other structure does not exceed 200 feet above mean sea level within Subdistrict A, and 245 feet above mean sea level within Subdistrict B.