Floor area ratio and lot coverage modifications

(a)        In the Dutch Kills Subdistrict, the floor area of a building shall not include floor space used for accessory off-street parking spaces provided in any story located not more than 33 feet above curb level, in any building, except where such floor space used for accessory parking is contained within a public parking garage.

(b)        Maximum floor area ratio and lot coverage for residential uses

(1)        M1-2/R5B designated district

The maximum floor area ratio for residential use shall be 1.65.

The maximum lot coverage for the residential portion of a building shall be 60 percent on an interior lot or through lot and 80 percent on a corner lot.

(2)        M1-3/R7X designated district

(i)        Inclusionary Housing Program

Where the designated district is M1-3/R7X within the Dutch Kills Subdistrict, such district shall be an Inclusionary Housing designated area, pursuant to Section 12-10 (DEFINITIONS), for the purpose of making the Inclusionary Housing Program regulations of Section 23-90, inclusive, applicable as modified within the Special District.

(ii)        Maximum floor area ratio

Within such Inclusionary Housing designated area, the maximum floor area ratio for any zoning lot containing a residential use shall not exceed the base floor area ratio of 3.75, except that such base floor area ratio may be increased to the maximum floor area ratio of 5.0, as set forth in Section 23-154 (Inclusionary Housing), through the provision of affordable housing, pursuant to the provisions relating to Inclusionary Housing designated areas in Section 23-90.

(c)        Maximum floor area ratio for certain commercial and manufacturing uses

In M1-2 designated districts, the maximum floor area ratio shall be increased to 3.0 when paired with an R5B or R5D District and 4.0 when paired with an R6A District, provided that such additional floor area is limited to the following uses: photographic or motion picture production studios and radio or television studios listed in Use Group 10A; and uses listed in Use Groups 16A, 16D, 17A and 17B as set forth in Section 123-22 (Modification of Use Groups 16, 17 and 18), except for automobile, motorcycle, trailer or boat sales, motorcycle or motor scooter rental establishments, poultry or rabbit killing establishments, riding academies, stables for horses and trade schools for adults.