Sign regulations

All requirements of Section 32-60 (SIGN REGULATIONS) shall apply, except for Sections 32-642 (Nonilluminated signs), 32-644 (Illuminated or flashing signs in C4, C5-4, C6 or C7 Districts) and 32-655 (Height of signs in all other Commercial Districts).

Non-illuminated, illuminated or flashing signs are permitted with a total surface area (in square feet) not exceeding five times the street frontage of the zoning lot, in feet, but in no event shall the total surface area exceed 500 square feet for interior or through lots or 500 square feet on each frontage for corner lots.

No permitted sign shall extend above curb level at a height greater than 60 feet.

A non-conforming sign may be replaced pursuant to Section 52-82 (Non-conforming Signs Other Than Advertising Signs), except that the height, location or position of the replacement sign may be changed by up to 10 feet, measured from the perimeter of the original non-conforming sign.