The "Special Long Island City Mixed Use District" established in this Resolution is designed to promote and protect the public health, safety and general welfare of the Long Island City community. These general goals include, among others, the following specific purposes:

(a)        to support the continuing growth of a mixed residential, commercial and industrial neighborhoods by permitting expansion and development of residential, commercial, community facility and light manufacturing uses where adequate environmental standards are assured;

(b)        to encourage the development of moderate to high density commercial uses within a compact transit-oriented area;

(c)        to strengthen traditional retail streets in Hunters Point by allowing the development of new residential and retail uses;

(d)        to encourage the development of affordable housing;

(e)        to promote the opportunity for people to work in the vicinity of their residences;

(f)        to retain jobs within New York City;

(g)        to provide an opportunity for the improvement of Long Island City; and

(h)        to promote the most desirable use of land and thus conserve the value of land and buildings and thereby protect City tax revenues.