Upland Connections

In the locations shown on Map 5 (Upland Connections and Visual Corridors) in Appendix A of this Chapter, upland connections shall be provided. An upland connection traversing a zoning lot in Subareas A, B and C shall consist of a single circulation path bordered continuously along both sides by buffer zones.

(a)        Required dimensions

The minimum width of the upland connection shall be 30 feet. When an upland connection, or a portion thereof, abuts a private driveway, no buffer zone is required.

(b)        Buffer zone

The buffer zone is a landscaped area running along the edge of the upland connection that bounds the boundary of the non-public portions of the zoning lot; each buffer zone shall have a minimum width of seven feet. The buffer zone shall be improved entirely as planting area, except at locations:  

(1)        occupied by permitted obstructions; or

(2)        where there is ground floor commercial use frontage on the upland connection, in which case that portion of the buffer zone may be paved.

(c)        Permitted obstructions

The provisions of Section 62-611 (Permitted obstructions) shall apply to upland connections within Subarea B, the Esplanade, Pier Place and the Cove. The permitted obstructions listed in paragraph (b)(2) of Section 62-611 are further subject to the tree and planting requirements of Section 62-655. Water-Dependent (WD) uses referenced in paragraph (a)(6) of Section 62-611 shall be as listed in Section 62-211.