Special Bulk Regulations for Lots Adjacent to Park Circle-Machate Circle

In R8A Districts, for zoning lots fronting on Park Circle-Machate Circle, the provisions of Section 23-66 (Height and Setback Requirements for Quality Housing Buildings) shall be modified to allow for street walls within 125 feet of a wide street to rise without setback to a maximum base height of 115 feet and allow for a minimum required setback of 10 feet above such base height, provided that the maximum building height shall not exceed: 115 feet within 100 feet of Ocean Parkway or within 30 feet of an R7A District; 125 feet between 100 and 150 feet of Ocean Parkway, within 20 feet of Coney Island Avenue, or between 30 and 50 feet from an R7A District; and 140 feet on any other portion of the zoning lot. For the purposes of this paragraph, distances shall be measured perpendicular to the street line or district boundary, as applicable.