Special Bulk Regulations for Community Facilities

In Residence Districts and Commercial Districts with residential equivalents, all community facility buildings, and portions of buildings containing community facility uses, shall be subject to the applicable underlying district bulk regulations of Article II, Chapter 3 (Residential Bulk Regulations in Residence Districts), except as provided below:

(a)        in R2X Districts, the residential bulk regulations of an R3-1 District shall apply to community facility buildings;

(b)        in R6 or R7 Districts with a letter suffix, the applicable bulk regulations set forth in Article II, Chapter 4 (Bulk Regulations for Community Facilities in Residence Districts) shall apply;

(c)        in the Subdistrict, the bulk regulations of Article II, Chapter 3 shall apply, except as set forth in Section 113-503 (Special bulk regulations); and

(d)        in R6 or R7 Districts without a letter suffix, the community facility bulk regulations of Article II, Chapter 4, may be made applicable by certification of the City Planning Commission, pursuant to Section 113-41 (Certification for Community Facility Uses on Certain Corner Lots).