The “Special Forest Hills District” established in this Resolution is designed to promote and protect the public health, safety, general welfare and amenity of Forest Hills. The general goals include, among others, the following specific purposes:

(a)        to ensure that the form of new buildings is compatible with and relates to the built character of the Forest Hills neighborhood;

(b)        to preserve, protect and promote the special character of Austin Street as a regional shopping destination;

(c)        to create a graduated transition from the lower-scale character of Austin Street to the higher-scale character of Queens Boulevard;

(d)        to support a broad and vibrant mix of commercial and residential uses throughout the Special District;

(e)        to enhance the pedestrian setting of Austin Street through appropriate ground floor uses and structural requirements; and

(f)        to promote the most desirable use of land and thus conserve and enhance the value of land and buildings, and thereby protect the City’s revenue.