Authorizations or Special Permits Granted by the City Planning Commission

In all districts, for special permits or authorizations granted by the City Planning Commission where substantial construction has not taken place and such approval would lapse after a total of 10 years within the applicable time duration set forth in Section 65-01 (Applicability of Article VI, Chapter 5), the provisions of Section 11-42 (Lapse of Authorization or Special Permit Granted by the City Planning Commission Pursuant to the 1961 Zoning Resolution) and 11-43 (Renewal of Authorization or Special Permit) shall be modified to allow the renewal of such authorization or special permit without public hearing, for one additional three-year term, provided that the Commission finds that the facts upon which the authorization or special permit was granted have not substantially changed. An application for a renewal of authorization or special permit shall be filed with the Commission before it lapses.