Lobby or non-residential use

Where the flood-resistant construction elevation is 10 or more feet above curb level, a lobby with a minimum width of 20 feet shall be provided along the street wall at the level of the adjoining sidewalk or other publicly accessible open area, with a depth of at least 20 feet. For buildings with an aggregate width of street wall of more than 65 feet, such lobby width shall be at least 30 percent of the aggregate width of street wall, but need not be wider than 35 feet. For zoning lots with less than 25 feet of frontage along a street, a five-foot wide service corridor may be exempted from the requirements of this Section. Transparent glazing materials shall occupy at least 40 percent of the surface area of the street wall of the lobby, measured between a height of two feet above the level of the adjoining sidewalk or other publicly accessible open area and a height 10 feet above the level of the first finished floor above curb level.

Any permitted non-residential use, other than accessory off-street parking or storage, may be substituted for lobby area required pursuant to this Section, provided that the required width, depth and transparency shall apply to such use.

However, where flood-resistant construction standards prohibit glazing due to the location of the building in a zone subject to wave action as indicated on flood maps, the glazing requirements of this Section shall not apply.