Planting requirement

Where the level of the lowest occupiable floor is five or more feet above curb level, the area between the street line and all street walls of the building shall be planted at ground level, or in raised planting beds that are permanently affixed to the ground.  Such planting shall consist of trees or shrubs within six feet of the street wall that attain a height of at least three feet. Such planting shall not be required at the entrances to and exits from the building, within driveways accessing off-street parking spaces located within, to the side, or rear of such building, or between commercial uses and the street line. Any such planted area shall have a depth of at least three feet. Where ramps or stairs are located parallel to a street wall and within six feet of such street wall, minimum planting beds shall be provided between such ramps or stairs and the street line.

However, where street wall location rules would require a street wall to be located such that planting beds would be less than three feet in width, the provisions of this Section shall not apply.