Special Provisions for Non-complying Buildings

For all non-complying buildings or other structures, the provisions of Sections 54-20 (REPAIRS OR ALTERATIONS), 54-30 (ENLARGEMENTS OR CONVERSIONS), and 54-40 (DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION IN NON-COMPLYING BUILDINGS), inclusive, shall be modified to allow a non-compliance to be continued, and such non-complying building or other structure to be altered, enlarged, relocated or reconstructed to comply with flood-resistant construction standards, subject to the permitted thresholds of Sections 54-41 (Permitted Reconstruction) and 54-42 (Use of Alternate Formula), and the provisions of this Section.

In addition, such altered, enlarged, relocated or reconstructed building or other structure may create a new non-compliance with, or increase the degree of existing non-compliance with the applicable bulk regulations for the district, subject to the applicable provisions of this Section, inclusive.