The following Sections shall apply to all developments and to all horizontal enlargements with new street walls or alterations increasing the height of street walls, or as otherwise referenced within this Chapter:

Section 64-61        Design Requirements for Single- and Two-family Residences

Section 64-62        Design Requirements for Other Buildings in Residence Districts

Section 64-63        Design Requirements for Residential Buildings in Commercial Districts

Section 64-64        Design Requirements for Non-residential and Mixed Buildings in Commercial and Manufacturing Districts

Section 64-65        (Screening Requirements for Parking Within or Below Buildings) shall apply to any zoning lot occupied by a building, other than a single- or two-family residence constructed after October 9, 2013.  Any zoning lot occupied by a building constructed prior to such date shall not be altered in any way that will either create a new non-compliance or increase the degree of non-compliance with the provisions of Section 64-65.