For Residential Buildings With Below-grade Parking

R1 R2 R3 R4 R5

In the districts indicated, other than R4B and R5B Districts, where below-grade garages within residential buildings are eliminated in order to comply with Appendix G of the New York City Building Code, accessory off-street parking spaces may be relocated from such garages to the side or rear of such buildings, or to the front yard driveway that accessed the former garage, or to a shared driveway along a common side lot line. Where such parking spaces are so relocated, each such space shall have a dimension at least 18 feet long and eight feet wide, and such spaces shall be allowed without regard to underlying parking location, curb cut spacing or permitted obstruction regulations. No modifications of the number of curb cuts on a zoning lot or the minimum or maximum width of a curb cut shall be allowed. Where eliminated garages were accessed by a driveway less than 18 feet long, such driveway and curb cut shall be eliminated, and the former driveway planted to the extent necessary to comply, or increase compliance, with the provisions of Section 23-451 (Planting requirement) as if the building on the zoning lot was constructed after April 30, 2008.  

In the event there is no way to arrange relocated required parking spaces on the zoning lot in compliance with the provisions of this Section, given that existing buildings will remain, the Commissioner of Buildings may waive such spaces.