Parking modifications

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In the districts indicated, except R4B and R5B Districts, the provisions of this Section shall apply to zoning lots containing single- or two-family residences. For such zoning lots, where off-street parking spaces are required pursuant to Section 25-20 (REQUIRED ACCESSORY OFF-STREET PARKING SPACES FOR RESIDENCES) inclusive, the underlying parking regulations may be modified as follows:

(a)        the regulations governing parking location, curb cut location, or permitted obstruction that limit parking need not apply, provided that all parking spaces are either located beneath the first story above the flood elevation within buildings or driveways directly in front of a garage opening. Such spaces shall have a dimension that conforms with the minimums set forth in Section 25-62 (Size and Location of Spaces). However, within lower density growth management areas the provisions of paragraph (c) of Section 25-632 (Driveway and curb cut regulations in lower density growth management areas) shall continue to apply; and

(b)        the underlying curb cut spacing regulations for zoning lots existing on May 12, 2021,  with a frontage of less than 35 feet along a street need not apply, provided that at least four feet of curb space is provided between a new curb cut and an existing curb cut on the same or an adjacent zoning lot.

Notwithstanding the modifications above, no modification to the maximum number of curb cuts on a zoning lot or the minimum or maximum width of a curb cut, shall be permitted.

All zoning lots utilizing this Section shall comply with the provisions of Section 23-451 (Planting requirement) as if the building on the zoning lot was constructed after April 30, 2008.