Permitted obstructions for multi-family buildings in R3-2 and R4 Districts

The provisions of this Section shall apply without requiring a building to comply with flood-resistant construction standards as established in paragraph (a) of Section 64-12 (Applicability).

In R3-2 and R4 Districts, for all buildings, or portions thereof, subject to Section 23-60 (HEIGHT AND SETBACK REGULATIONS), except single- and two-family residences, elevator or stair bulkheads (including shafts, and vestibules not larger than 60 square feet in area providing access to a roof), roof water tanks and accessory mechanical equipment (including enclosures), other than solar or wind energy systems, shall be considered permitted obstructions to height and setback regulations, provided that:

(a)        such obstructions shall be located not less than 10 feet from the street wall of a building;

(b)        all mechanical equipment shall be screened on all sides;

(c)        the lot coverage of all such obstructions and screening does not exceed 250 square feet or 10 percent of the lot coverage of the building, whichever is greater; and

(d)        such obstructions are limited to a height of 15 feet above the maximum height of perimeter walls.