Ground floor use

In all districts, any applicable ground floor level requirements of this Resolution including, but not limited to, the location of such ground floor in relation to the adjoining sidewalk level, the height of a qualifying ground floor, restrictions of types of use, the minimum depth for certain uses, maximum width for certain uses, minimum transparency requirement, and parking wrap and screening requirements, may be modified as follows:

(a)        In locations of the flood zone where flood-resistant construction standards prohibit dry-flood-proofing, thereby limiting uses other than parking, storage and building access from being located below the flood-resistant construction elevation, such ground floor level requirements need not apply.

(b)        In all other locations of the flood zone, all regulations of this Resolution restricting the location of a ground floor in relation to the adjoining sidewalk level need not apply, provided that all other ground floor level regulations shall be applied to the lowest story above grade that is not solely used for parking, storage or building access, and further provided that the finished floor level of such story shall be located either at or below the level of the flood-resistant construction elevation or five feet above curb level, whichever is higher. All associated transparency requirements may be measured from such level of the finished floor instead of the level of the adjoining sidewalk.