Establishment of Waterfront Access Plans

The City Planning Commission and City Council may adopt a Waterfront Access Plan as an amendment to this Resolution pursuant to Section 200 or 201 of the City Charter and in accordance with the provisions of Sections 62-912 (Elements of a Waterfront Access Plan), 62-913 (Conditions for adoption of a Waterfront Access Plan) and this Section in order to adjust the waterfront public access area and visual corridor requirements of Sections 62-50 and 62-60, inclusive, retain the waterfront block bulk regulations of Section 62-30 on newly-created non-waterfront blocks within a specifically defined portion of the waterfront area, or establish waterfront yard requirements for developments otherwise exempt from the requirements of Section 62-33 (Special Yard Regulations on Waterfront Blocks).

To be considered for a Waterfront Access Plan, an area shall:

(a)        be entirely in the waterfront area;

(b)        not include any portions within R1 or R2 Districts;

(c)        comprise either entire blocks or a minimum of four acres, all portions of which are contiguous tracts of land except for intervening streets; and

(d)        have at least 600 feet of shoreline.