Modifications to passenger queuing shelters for ferry or water taxi docking facilities

In Community District 1 in the Borough of Brooklyn, the City Planning Commission may authorize a ferry passenger queueing shelter exceeding the dimensions set forth in paragraph (c)(1) of Section 62-813 (Docking facilities for ferries or water taxis in certain waterfront areas), provided that the Commission finds that:

(a)        the public benefit derived from the proposed shelter merits the larger dimensions authorized;

(b)        the proposed shelter utilizes the design standards set forth in paragraph (c)(1) of Section 62-813 regarding permitted support structures, materials, signage and roof construction to the greatest extent feasible;

(c)        any modification to such provisions of Section 62-813 will not unduly limit views from the waterfront public access area; and

(d)        the design of the proposed shelter will result in a quality structure that complements the waterfront public access area or the publicly accessible area of a waterfront zoning lot accommodating the ferry or water taxi docking facility.