Certifications by the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission

The provisions of Sections 62-811 and 62-812, relating to certifications for waterfront public access areas, visual corridors and zoning lot subdivisions, shall apply to all zoning lots within waterfront blocks and any other blocks included within a Waterfront Access Plan, except that the following shall not be subject to the provisions of Section 62-811:

airports, heliports and seaplane bases;


in any district, existing zoning lots of less than 10,000 square feet developed predominantly with single- or two-family residences within detached, semi-detached or zero lot line buildings, provided such zoning lots are not included within an area subject to a Waterfront Access Plan pursuant to Section 62-90;


zoning lots in R1 and R2 Districts; and


zoning lots in C8 and Manufacturing Districts, containing predominantly uses listed under Use Groups IV(B), IX or X, except for docking facilities serving passenger ocean vessels or sightseeing, excursion or sport fishing vessels.