An application to the Department of Buildings, Department of City Planning or Department of Business Services, involving a zoning lot subject to the provisions of this Chapter, shall include a survey of the zoning lot showing the following elements, as applicable, and documentation showing compliance with all requirements for waterfront public access areas:

(a)        pierhead line;

(b)        bulkhead line;

(c)        shoreline, including its length;

(d)        upland lot, including its area;

(e)        seaward lot, including its area;

(f)        area of the portion of the zoning lot seaward of the shoreline;

(g)        existing piers, platforms or floating structures, including water coverage and surface elevation or height, as applicable;

(h)        previously established and recorded visual corridors and waterfront public access areas or any other public access area on the zoning lot or on adjoining zoning lots;

(i)        visual corridors or waterfront public access areas required on the zoning lot by a Waterfront Access Plan set forth in Section 62-90; and

(j)        existing bulkheads and stabilized portions of natural shore showing seaward and landward edges, as well as their top elevations.