Requirements for Recordation

All required visual corridors and waterfront public access areas other than those provided in parks developed pursuant to Section 62-59 (Special Regulations for Zoning Lots That Include Parks), once certified in accordance with the provisions of Section 62-811 (Waterfront public access and visual corridors), paragraphs (b) or (c), shall be duly recorded in the form of a signed declaration of restrictions, including a maintenance and operation agreement with the Department of Parks and Recreation when a waterfront public access area is provided, indexed against the property, binding the owners, successors and assigns to provide visual corridors and to construct and maintain the waterfront public access areas, except as provided in the provisions of Section 62-70, inclusive, and provide public access thereto in accordance with the plans certified by the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission. Such declaration or maintenance and operation agreement shall require that a bond be posted that would ensure that the waterfront public access areas are maintained in accordance with the declaration or maintenance and operation agreement and are closed only at authorized times, and shall set forth rules of conduct consistent with the provisions of paragraph (b) of Section 62-71 (Operational Requirements). The filing of such declaration in the Borough Office of the Register of the City of New York shall be a precondition for the issuance of a building permit.

In addition, the preceding waterfront public access areas elements shall be recorded on the certificate of occupancy by the Departments of Buildings or Business Services, as applicable, and shall be a condition of issuance of such certificate of occupancy.

For parcels identified in Waterfront Access Plan BK-1 for which an alternate plan for joint maintenance and operation has been approved, or for parcels for which a transfer to the City is proposed pursuant to paragraph (b) of Section 62-73 (Request to Transfer Title to Certain Waterfront Public Access Areas), the provisions of such instruments as are necessary to effectuate such paragraph shall supersede those of the maintenance and operation agreement described in this Section.