All required seating shall comply with the following standards:

(a)        Seating with backs

At least 50 percent of the required seating shall have backs, and at least 50 percent of such seating shall face in the general direction of the water. Seat backs shall be at least 14 inches high. Walls located adjacent to a seating surface shall not count as seat backs. All seat backs must either be contoured in form for comfort or shall be reclined from the vertical between 10 to 15 degrees.

(b)        Depth

Seating with or without backs shall have a depth of not less than 18 inches, and for seating with backs, such depth shall not be greater than 20 inches. Seating with a depth of at least 36 inches, and accessible from both sides, may be credited as double seating. When seating is provided on a planter ledge, such ledge must have a minimum depth of 22 inches.

(c)        Height

At least 75 percent of the required seating shall have a height not less than 16 inches nor greater than 20 inches above the level of the adjacent grade. Seating higher than 36 inches or lower than 12 inches shall not qualify toward the seating requirements.
 Seating may be mounted on a solid curb not higher than six inches.

(d)        Clearance

Seating shall be located a minimum of 22 inches from any circulation path or permitted obstruction along the accessible side of such seating, except that seating without backs may be as close to a guardrail as 12 inches.

(e)        Types of seating

In shore public walkways and supplemental public access areas, at least two of the following types of seating are required: moveable seating, fixed individual seats, fixed benches with backs, fixed benches without backs, lounging chairs and design feature seating.

(1)        Design feature seating

Planter ledges, seating walls, and seating steps may be provided, and shall be limited to 25 percent of the required seating. Walls and planter ledges shall be flat and smooth with at least one inch radius rounded edges.

(2)        Moveable seating

Moveable chairs, excluding those in open air cafes, may be credited as 18 inches of linear seating per chair; however, not more than 50 percent of required linear seating may be in moveable chairs. Moveable chairs may be placed in storage outside of the required hours of operation, pursuant to Section 62-71, paragraph (a). All moveable chairs must have backs. Moveable chairs shall not be chained, fixed, or otherwise secured while the waterfront public access area is open to the public.

(3)        Seating steps

Seating steps shall not include any steps intended for circulation and must have a height not less than 12 inches nor greater than 30 inches and a depth not less than 18 inches.

(4)        Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs shall allow for a reclined position supporting the back as well as the legs. Lounge chairs may be credited as 36 inches of linear seating per chair.

(f)        Social seating and tables

At least 25 percent of required seating shall be social seating, consisting of seats that are placed in close proximity and at angles to one another or in facing configurations that facilitate social interaction. A minimum of two square feet of tables shall be required for every three linear feet of social seating. However, any requirement for tables that, in total, is less than 10 square feet shall be waived, and no more than 150 square feet of tables shall be required in any site.

(g)        Shaded seating

At least 20 percent of required seating shall be shaded. Seating shall be considered shaded if it is located under a canopy tree or shade structure, or on the eastern side and within 45 feet of the trunk of a canopy tree or of a shade structure.

(h)        Seaward seating

Up to 25 percent of required seating may be located seaward of the shore public walkway provided it is designed as:

(1)        a generally smooth and flat surface within a stabilized natural shoreline, in the form of rock, stone, wood or other solid material that measures at least 15 inches in width and depth and is between 12 and 30 inches high measured from the adjoining accessible surface; or

(2)        steps, with a depth and height between 12 and 30 inches, that facilitate access to the water.

Seaward seating shall not be subject to the provisions of paragraphs (a) through (g) of this Section.

Seating in open air cafes or stairs shall not qualify towards seating requirements. All seating located within a planting area shall be on permeable pavement and secured for stability.