Location and area requirements for supplemental public access areas

Supplemental public access areas shall adjoin a shore public walkway in accordance with the requirements of this Section, except as modified by paragraphs (a) and (b) of Section 62-57, and the provisions of this Section:

(a)        The minimum area of the supplemental public access area:

(1)        when located at the intersection of a shore public walkway and an upland connection or street, shall be 750 square feet, have a minimum width to depth ratio of 1:1 and a maximum width to depth ratio of 3:1. The longest side shall adjoin the shore public walkway; or

(2)        when located adjoining a shore public walkway without adjoining an upland connection or street, shall be 1,875 square feet and have a minimum width to depth ratio of 3:1. The minimum depth perpendicular to the shore public walkway, as a weighted average, shall be 25 feet.

The width to depth requirements of paragraphs (a)(1) and (a)(2) of this Section may be satisfied with weighted average dimensions. The minimum angle between the two boundary lines of a supplemental public access area coinciding with the private portion of the zoning lot shall be 90 degrees.

(b)        A supplemental public access area may be provided:

(1)        to widen the shore public walkway, with a minimum width of 10 feet running continuously along the shore public walkway between any two of the following: an upland connection, open street, public park or other public place;

(2)        as a pedestrian sidewalk area abutting a roadbed running along the shoreline, provided such sidewalk has a minimum width of 13 feet and complies with the provisions for a Type 2 upland connection pursuant to Section 62-64. Any additional supplemental public access area shall comply with the requirements of this Section; or

(3)        as a dedicated bicycle path if such path connects at each end to an open street. The minimum width of a bicycle path shall be 10 feet, with an additional two foot clearance on each side along the entire length of the path. There shall be a planted area between a bicycle path and a paved area for pedestrian use, pursuant to the requirements of paragraph (c) of Section 62-62.