Requirements for Upland Connections

All waterfront public access areas provided pursuant to Sections 62-53 (Requirements for Shore Public Walkways), 62-54 (Requirements for Public Access on Piers) or 62-55 (Requirements for Public Access on Floating Structures) shall be accessible from an open street, public park or other public place at intervals along the shore public walkway not to exceed 600 feet by means of either a direct connection or, where no direct connection exists, an upland connection between the shore public walkway and an adjoining public sidewalk within an open street, public park or other public place.

Where there is an intervening zoning lot that would prevent compliance with the maximum interval, such interval may be increased to the minimum necessary to clear the intervening zoning lot. In the event there is no way to provide the upland connection without encroaching on an intervening zoning lot, the upland connection shall not be required.