Requirements for Public Access on Floating Structures

All developments on floating structures permitted as-of-right, pursuant to Section 62-25, shall provide waterfront public access areas in accordance with the provisions of this Section. Developments subject to a special permit pursuant to Section 62-834 shall provide public access in accordance with a plan established pursuant to such special permit.

(a)        Public access in conjunction with a development on a floating structure shall consist of a 30 foot wide shore public walkway along the entire length of the shoreline, including the water edge perimeter of a platform projecting from any portion of the shoreline in accordance with the provisions of Section 62-53. In the event that there is additional development on the zoning lot requiring a 40 foot width, the greater width shall be provided.

(b)        When the primary entrance to a floating structure is located on a pier, and there is no other development on the pier that would require pier public access, a 15 foot wide public access area shall be provided in addition to the shore public walkway, along the full length of one of the longer water edges of the pier. Such public access area shall be directly connected to the shore public walkway.