Permitted obstructions in visual corridors

No building or other structure shall be erected within the width of a visual corridor above its lowest level, as established pursuant to Section 62-512 (Dimensions of visual corridors), except as provided in this Section. Permitted obstructions within visual corridors in all districts shall include:

(a)        permitted obstructions listed in Section 62-611, provided that no shade trees shall be planted within 15 feet of the centerline of a visual corridor, except when provided within an open parking lot;

(b)        permitted obstructions listed in Section 23-44 (Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents), as modified for waterfront yards in Section 62-332;

(c)        boats, ships or other vessels, and floating structures permitted by paragraph (a) of Section 62-25;

(d)        any moving or parked vehicles;

(e)        street furniture, including but not limited to, carts and open display booths; and

(f)        swimming pools, provided no portion projects more than 18 inches above the lowest level of a visual corridor.