Passenger drop-off and pick-up areas for docking facilities

All developments providing new docking facilities serving ferries, sightseeing, excursion, sport fishing or passenger ocean vessels, shall provide an area for the drop-off and pick-up of passengers by car, taxi, van and bus as shown in the table in this Section. Such area shall be located on the zoning lot or on another zoning lot in the same or an adjoining Commercial or Manufacturing District, which is contiguous to the zoning lot occupied by the docking facility, or would be contiguous except for its separation by a street or street intersection.

Such area shall be accessed by a one-way driveway at least 15 feet wide with separate entranceways and exits located at least 50 feet apart on the same street or located on separate streets, provided that no entrance or exit is less than 50 feet from a street intersection.

Such area, which may include the driveway on the zoning lot, shall be large enough to accommodate the number of vehicles required by the following table, based on a dimensional allowance of 10 feet by 20 feet for cars, taxis and vans and 12 feet by 50 feet for buses.

The Commissioners of Buildings or Business Services, as applicable, may accept an equivalent lay-by area on a portion of a street adjoining the zoning lot, if such street treatment and drop-off area is approved by the Department of Transportation.


Docks Serving

Maximum Vessel Capacity*

Number of Car Spaces**

Number of Bus Spaces


100 or more

1 for each 50 passengers over100; maximum requirement 10

None Required

Sightseeing, excursion, or sport fishing vessels

Up to 200

None Required

None Required

Over 200

1 for each 50 passengers over 200; maximum requirement 15

1 for each 50 passengers over 200; maximum requirement 2

Any commercial vessels

Over 2,500



*        Capacity of the largest vessel using a dock. Capacity of a vessel is its U.S. Coast Guard certified capacity. For ferries, the N.Y.C. Department of Transportation operating permit capacity may be used as the vessel capacity

**        Includes cars, taxis and vans