Developments on floating structures

In all districts, the underlying height and setback regulations shall be inapplicable to developments on floating structures, except for WD uses in C8 and Manufacturing Districts. In lieu thereof, the provisions of this Section shall apply.

Base plane shall be inapplicable for floating structures. Height shall be measured from the water line of the floating structure to the highest point of the roof or uppermost open deck. However, the following obstructions are permitted to penetrate a height limit:

Chimneys, flues or stacks;

Flagpoles, aerials or masts;

Parapet walls or safety enclosures, not more than four feet high; and

Wire, chain link or other transparent fences.

Developments permitted as-of-right pursuant to Section 62-25 shall not exceed a height of 23 feet. Developments on floating structures pursuant to the special permit provisions of Section 62-834 shall not exceed the height limits set forth in Column A of the table in this Section, except for navigational vessels being repurposed as floating structures in accordance with such special permit provisions. Such repurposed vessels shall be subject to the height limits set forth in Column B of the table.


Column A

Column B

Residential District

Commercial District

Manufacturing  District

Maximum Structure Height

Maximum Height of Repurposed Vessels

R1 thru R5

C1 or C2 mapped in R1 thru R5



23 ft.

40 ft.


C1 or C2 mapped in R6


C7-1 C7-2

C8-1 C8-2 C8-3

M1-1 M1-2 M1-4

M1-1A M1-2A

M2-1 M2-3

M2-1A M2-2A

M3-1 M3-2

40 ft.

60 ft.

R7 R8

C1 or C2 mapped in R7 or R8

C1-6 C1-7


C4-2 C4-3 C4-4 C4-5

C6-1 C6-2

C7-3 C7-4


M1-3 M1-5

M1-3A M1-4A

M2-2 M2-4

M2-3A M2-4A

50 ft.

70 ft.

R9 R10

C1 or C2 mapped in R9 or R10

 C1-8 C1-9

C2-7 C2-8

 C4-6 C4-7


C6-3 C6-4 C6-5 C6-6 C6-7 C6-8 C6-9

C7-5 C7-6 C7-7
C7-8 C7-9


M1-5A M1-6A M1-7A M1-8A M1-9A

60 ft.

150 ft.