Buildings in Commercial Districts

In Commercial Districts, for any commercial or community facility uses on a zoning lot, the maximum floor area ratio shall be in accordance with the applicable district regulations, except:

(a)        no floor area bonuses shall be permitted except as permitted pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (c) of this Section;

(b)        the floor area ratio on a zoning lot shall not exceed 10.0; and

(c)        for developments or enlargements on qualifying transit improvement sites, a floor area bonus for mass transit station improvements may be granted by the City Planning Commission pursuant to the provisions of Section 66-51 (Additional Floor Area for Mass Transit Station Improvements). For the purposes of this paragraph, defined terms additionally include those in Section 66-11 (Definitions).

For residential buildings and residential portions of mixed buildings, the maximum floor area ratio and lot coverage applicable to residential buildings set forth in Sections 62-321 through 62-323 shall apply as set forth for the applicable Residence District and its corresponding Commercial District in Section 35-23 (Residential Bulk Regulations in Other C1 or C2 Districts or in C3, C4, C5 or C6 Districts).