All zoning lots within waterfront blocks shall comply with the bulk regulations of this Section. For the purposes of this Section, non-waterfront blocks included in Waterfront Access Plan BK-1 shall be considered to be waterfront blocks. Existing non-complying buildings or other structures shall be subject to the provisions of Article V (Non-conforming Uses and Non-complying Buildings).

A change of use involving a building or other structure lawfully existing on October 25, 1993, shall be permitted in accordance with the applicable district use regulations, as modified by the provisions of this Chapter. Any non-compliances created with respect to the provisions of this Section due solely to the change of use shall be deemed to be existing non-compliances. However, no enlargement or other alteration of such buildings or other structures may be made which would either create a new non-compliance or increase the degree of non-compliance with respect to the provisions of this Section.

Modification of the bulk regulations of Sections 62-31, 62-32, 62-33 or 62-341 shall only be allowed by authorization or special permit of the City Planning Commission pursuant to Sections 62-837, 74-711, 74-74, 74-79, 78-00 or 79-00.

Provisions for modification of the bulk regulations on piers and floating structures are set forth in Sections 62-342 and 62-343 .

In no event shall any bulk modification include modification of the provisions of paragraph (a) of Section 62-31 or the maximum floor area ratio for the applicable district set forth in Section 62-322 .