Rental of accessory berths to non-residents

Berths or moorings for non-commercial pleasure boats provided as an accessory use to a residential use may be rented to persons who are not occupants of the residences to which such berths or moorings are accessory, for the accommodation of the non-commercial pleasure boats used by such non-residents, provided that:

(a)        not more than 40 percent of such berths or moorings are so occupied by non-residents;

(b)        except in Manhattan Community Boards 1 through 8, an additional off-street parking space, in a location adjacent to the docking facility, or off-site in accordance with the provisions of Section 62-412 (Accessory residential off-site parking), is provided for each berth or mooring so occupied;

(c)        such off-street parking spaces comply with all other provisions of this Resolution for the district in which they are located; and

(d)        the total number of accessory berths or moorings does not exceed the total number of dwelling units to which they are accessory.