Waterfront-Enhancing (WE) uses

WE uses comprise a group of primarily recreational, cultural, entertainment or retail shopping uses that, when located at the water's edge, add to the public use and enjoyment of the waterfront. WE uses shall be limited to the following:

From Use Group 3:

Art galleries, non-commercial

*Colleges or universities




From Use Group 4:

Community centers

Houses of worship

*Ice skating rinks, outdoor

*Non-commercial clubs, with restrictions

**Playgrounds or private parks

Recreation centers, non-commercial

*Philanthropic or non-profit institutions without sleeping accommodations, excluding ambulatory diagnostic or treatment health care facilities listed in Use Group 4

Golf courses

*Tennis courts, outdoor

From Use Group 5:

Transient hotels

From Use Group 6:

All uses in Use Groups 6A and 6C, not otherwise listed as WD uses (some uses also listed in Use Groups 12 and 14)

*Non-commercial clubs, without restrictions (also listed in Use Group 14)

From Use Group 7:

Bicycle rental or repair shops (also listed in Use Group 14)

*Motels or tourist cabins

Refreshment stands, drive-in (also listed in Use Group 13)

Sailmaking establishments

From Use Group 8:

*Ice vending machines, coin-operated (also listed in Use Group 14)


From Use Group 9:

*Boat showrooms or sales establishments

Catering establishments (also listed in Use Group 13)

Health and fitness establishments with no limitation on floor area per establishment

Wedding chapels or banquet halls (also listed in Use Group 13)

From Use Group 10:

Eating or drinking places, without restrictions on entertainment or dancing but limited to location in hotels

From Use Group 12:

Arenas, auditoriums or stadiums, with capacity limited to 2,500 seats

*Eating or drinking establishments, with entertainment or dancing

*Historical exhibits

Indoor golf recreation centers

Skating rinks, enclosed

From Use Group 13:

Camps, overnight or outdoor day

*Children's amusement parks, limited to a 10,000 square foot zoning lot

Circuses, carnivals or fairs of a temporary nature

Commercial swimming pools

Golf driving ranges

Miniature golf courses

Outdoor ice or roller skating rinks

*Outdoor skateboard parks

From Use Group 14:

*Boat showrooms or sales establishments, restricted to boats less than 100 feet in length

Fishing tackle or equipment, rental or sales

*Sporting goods sales or rental establishments

From Use Group 15:

All uses listed

From Use Group 16:

Riding academies, open or enclosed

Stables for horses

Uses accessory to the preceding listed uses

*        Refer to Use Group for detailed description of this use

**        Open to the sky except for seasonal enclosures not more than 30 feet high or greater than 200 feet in any other dimension