Applicability of Article VII, Chapter 7

The provisions of Article VII, Chapter 7 (Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Divided by District Boundaries), shall be applicable on waterfront blocks, as modified in the following Section:

Section 77-28 (Height and Setback Regulations) shall be applicable, except that all references to street frontage shall be inapplicable. In lieu thereof, the percentage of the zoning lot in each district shall be used to determine the quantitative requirements. The provisions in such Section for Quality Housing buildings shall be inapplicable. Furthermore, the height and setback regulations applicable to the district in which more than 50 percent of the lot area on the zoning lot is located, may apply to the entire zoning lot provided that the greatest distance from the mapped district boundary to any lot line of the zoning lot in the district in which less than 50 percent of the area is located does not exceed 25 feet. Such distance shall be measured perpendicular to the mapped district boundary.