Yard, Court and Parking Regulations

For any zoning lots, the City Planning Commission may authorize variations in the yard or court regulations as set forth in Section 107-46 or in the location of parking, driveway or curb cut regulations as set forth in Sections 23-44 (Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents), 25-621 (Location of parking spaces in certain districts), 25-622 (Location of parking spaces in lower density growth management areas)and 25-631 (Location and width of curb cuts in certain districts) for the purpose of allowing proper arrangements of buildings, driveways or required parking areas so as to avoid the destruction of existing topography and individual trees of six-inch caliper or more. Rear yard, side yard or side yard equivalent variations shall not be authorized on the periphery of a development unless acceptable agreements are jointly submitted for development of two or more adjacent zoning lots by the owners thereof, incorporating the proposed yard or side yard equivalent variations along their common lot lines.

As a condition for granting such authorizations, the Commission shall find that the proposed placement of buildings and arrangement of open spaces will not have adverse effects upon light, air and privacy on adjacent zoning lots.