Mandatory front building walls

Appendix 3.1 specifies locations where a mandatory front building wall line is required. Buildings shall have a mandatory front building wall coincident with and constructed along such mandatory front building wall line for a minimum of 80 percent of the length of the frontage required to have the mandatory front building wall, which shall rise without setback for a height above curb level not less than 110 feet nor more than 140 feet in subzone C-1, and not less than 60 feet nor more than 140 feet in subzone C-2, except that the mandatory front building wall on Murray Street within subzone C-2 may rise without setback to the maximum height established pursuant to Section 84-333 (Limited height of buildings) and, provided further, that the mandatory front building wall requirement shall not apply to the building frontage along a pedestrian right-of-way in subzone C-2.

However, where Appendix 3.1 shows a mandatory front wall along Murray Street, such front building wall may be located either along the street line on Murray Street or at a right angle to North End Avenue within 30 feet from the intersection of Murray Street and North End Avenue.

At 140 feet above curb level, the building must set back at least 15 feet from the street line of Vesey Street, North End Avenue and Murray Street, except that there shall be no required setback along Murray Street in subzone C-2. Front wall recesses for architectural and decorative purposes are permitted in mandatory front walls, provided that:

(a)        the aggregate area of front wall recesses below the maximum height of the required front wall is less than 50 percent of the required mandatory front building wall;

(b)        the maximum depth of any recess shall be 20 feet;

(c)        recesses with a depth of less than two feet shall not be considered recesses for the purposes of this Section; and

(d)        recesses shall not be open to the sky.