Bulk Regulations

Residential and community facility bulk regulations otherwise applicable in R10 Districts are modified to the extent set forth in this Section and Sections 84-131 through 84-135, inclusive.

The regulations otherwise applicable in R10 Districts are superseded by the regulations set forth in Sections 84-131 (Floor area regulations), 84-132 (Mandatory front building walls), 84-134 (Mandatory arcades) and 84-135 (Limited height of buildings).

The provisions of Sections 23-532 (Required rear yard equivalents) and 24-11 (Maximum Floor Area Ratio and Percentage of Lot Coverage), and Article VII, Chapter 8 (Special Regulations Applying to Large-scale Residential Developments) and Chapter 9 (Special Regulations Applying to Large-scale Community Facility Developments), are not applicable.

The provisions of Section 23-70 (MINIMUM REQUIRED DISTANCE BETWEEN TWO OR MORE BUILDINGS ON A SINGLE ZONING LOT) may be modified by the Battery Park City Authority. Prior to the granting of any such modification, the Authority shall make the following findings:

(a)        that such modification will aid in achieving the general purpose and intent of the Special Battery Park City District, as set forth in Section 84-01;

(b)        that such modification will not unduly increase the bulk of buildings, the density of population or the intensity of use on any zoning lot to the detriment of the occupants of buildings on such zoning lot or nearby zoning lots ;

(c)        that such modification will not adversely affect the buildings on the zoning lot or nearby zoning lots by restricting access to light and air; and

(d)        that if an open area is provided, at any level, between two buildings, it shall have a width of not less than eight feet.