Special permit for height and setback modifications

In the Special Midtown District, the City Planning Commission may modify the special height and setback regulations set forth in this Chapter only in accordance with the following provisions:

Section 74-711        (Landmark preservation in all districts) as modified by the provisions of Sections 81-266 or 81-277 (Special permit for height and setback modifications)

Section 74-79        (Transfer of Development Rights From Landmark Sites) where development rights are transferred from a landmark site to an adjacent lot in a C5-3, C6-6 or C6-7 District, as modified by Section 81-212, and the total floor area on the adjacent lot resulting from such transfer exceeds the basic maximum floor area ratio by more than 20 percent. In such cases, the granting of a special permit by the Commission for height and setback modifications shall be in accordance with the provisions of Sections 81-266 or 81-277

Section 81-066        (Special permit modifications of Section 81-254, Section 81-40 and certain Sections of Article VII, Chapter 7)

Section 81-632        (Special permit for transfer of development rights from landmarks to the Vanderbilt Corridor Subarea)  

Section 81-633        (Special permit for Grand Central public realm improvements)

Section 81-685        (Special permit to modify qualifying site provisions)