Maximum floor area ratios for a residential building or the residential portion of a mixed building

For residential buildings or residential portions of mixed buildings in the Special Midtown District, the maximum floor area ratio for each underlying district is as follows:

(a)        In the C5-P District the maximum floor area ratio is 8.0, and no additional floor area shall be allowed above this limit.

(b)        In all underlying districts other than the C5-P District, except as provided in paragraph (c) of this Section, the maximum residential floor area ratio is 10.0.

(c)        In any underlying district other than a C5-P, C6-4 or C6-5 District, or in a C6-4 or C6-5 District within the Theater Subdistrict where a zoning lot has been granted bonus floor area or other floor area allowances in accordance with the provisions of Section 81-741 (General provisions), such zoning lot shall qualify for a maximum residential floor area ratio of 12.0 if the development or the building containing the enlargement includes recreational space for the residential occupants in an amount not less than 13 square feet for each rooming unit, 16.25 square feet for each dwelling unit, or a total area of at least 5,000 square feet, whichever is greater. The recreational space may be located at any level including a roof. Such recreational space shall:

(1)        be restricted to residential occupants of the development or the building containing the enlargement and their guests, for whom no admission or membership fees may be charged;

(2)        be directly accessible from a lobby or other public area served by the residential elevators;

(3)        be landscaped, including trees or shrubbery, except where covered or developed with recreational facilities and seating areas;

(4)        contain not less than 500 square feet of continuous area on a single level with no dimension of less than 15 feet;

(5)        have not less than 50 percent of the area open from its lowest level to the sky. The remaining portion may be roofed and up to 50 percent of its perimeter may be enclosed. In no event may more than 25 percent of the required recreational space be fully enclosed. All enclosures shall be transparent except when located within the building. Covered areas shall contain recreational facilities or seating areas.

A copy of requirements (c)(1) through (c)(5), as set forth in this Section, shall be permanently posted in a conspicuous place within each recreational space.