Modification of provisions for minimum base height and street wall location in Historic Districts

Within the Special Midtown District, for any zoning lot located in a Historic District designated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, any applicable provisions relating to minimum base height and street wall location requirements as modified in Sections 81-43 (Street Wall Continuity Along Designated Streets), 81-671 (Special street wall requirements) pertaining to the East Midtown Subdistrict, 81-75 (Special Street Wall and Setback Requirements) pertaining to the Theater Subdistrict, 81-83 (Special Street Wall Requirements) pertaining to the Fifth Avenue Subdistrict, and 81-90 (SPECIAL REGULATIONS FOR PRESERVATION SUBDISTRICT) pertaining to mandatory street walls may be modified pursuant to Sections 23-66 and 35-65 (Height and Setback Regulations for Quality Housing Buildings).