Subdistricts and Subareas

In order to carry out the purposes and provisions of this Chapter, five special Subdistricts are established within the Special Midtown District. In each of these Subdistricts certain special regulations apply which do not apply in the remainder of the Special Midtown District. The Subdistricts are outlined on Map 1 (Special Midtown District and Subdistricts) in Appendix A of this Chapter.

The Subdistricts, together with the Sections of this Chapter specially applying to each, are as follows:


Sections Having

Special Application

Penn Center Subdistrict


East Midtown Subdistrict


Theater Subdistrict


Fifth Avenue Subdistrict


Preservation Subdistrict


The Subdistricts are also subject to all other regulations of the Special Midtown District and, where applicable pursuant to Section 81-023, the Special Clinton District and the underlying districts, except as otherwise specifically provided in the Subdistrict regulations themselves.

Within the East Midtown Subdistrict, certain special regulations apply to Subareas that do not apply within the remainder of the Subdistrict. These Subareas are established, as follows:

Grand Central Transit Improvement Zone Subarea

Northern Subarea

Other Transit Improvement Zone Subarea

Park Avenue Subarea

Southern Subarea

Vanderbilt Corridor Subarea

The entirety of the Vanderbilt Corridor Subarea and the Grand Central Transit Improvement Zone Subarea as well as the portions of the Other Transit Improvement Zone Subarea south of East 47th Street, are hereinafter referred to as the Grand Central Core Area.

These Subareas, as well as the boundary of the Grand Central Core Area, are shown on Map 2 (East Midtown Subdistrict and Subareas) in Appendix A of this Chapter.