Size and Location of Spaces

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  1. Minimum maneuvering space

    In all districts, as indicated, for all accessory off-street parking spaces, open or enclosed, each 300 square feet of unobstructed standing or maneuvering area shall be considered one parking space, except as follows:
    1. Standard attended facilities

      An area of less than 300 square feet, but in no event less than 200 square feet, may be considered as one space, where the layout and design of the parking area are adequate to permit convenient access and maneuvering in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Commissioner of Buildings, or where the developer or applicant for a building permit or certificate of occupancy certifies that such spaces will be fully attended.

      In any case where a reduction of the required area per parking space is permitted on the basis of the developer's certification that such spaces will be fully attended, it shall be set forth in the certificate of occupancy that paid attendants employed by the owners or operators of such spaces shall be available to handle the parking and moving of automobiles at all times when such spaces are in use.
    2. Attended facilities with parking lift systems

      For portions of an attended parking facility with parking lift systems, each individually lifted tray upon which a vehicle is stored shall be considered one parking space. Any other attended space not on a lifted tray shall be subject to the provisions of paragraph (a)(1) of this Section.
    3. Automated parking facilities

      For automated parking facilities, each tray upon which a vehicle is stored shall constitute one parking space. The term “tray” shall refer to the structural support for vehicle storage in both pallet and non-pallet vehicle storage systems.

      However, auxiliary parking trays in automated parking facilities may be exempted from constituting a parking space where the Commissioner of Buildings determines that such auxiliary parking trays are necessary to store and retrieve vehicles for the efficient operation of such automated parking facility.
  2. Driveway access

    Driveways used to access required parking spaces must be unobstructed for a width of at least eight feet and a height of eight feet above grade and, if connecting to a street, such driveway may only be accessed by a curb cut.
  3. Minimum size for each parking space

    In no event shall the dimensions of any parking stall be less than 18 feet long and 8 feet, 6 inches wide.

    However, the width of a parking stall may be reduced to eight feet for detached, semi-detached or zero lot line buildings on a zoning lot where not more than four accessory parking spaces are required if such accessory parking spaces are located in a side lot ribbon and are subject to the provisions of Section 25-621 (Location of parking spaces in certain districts).
  4. Special rules for certain areas

    ​​​​​​​In the Borough of Staten Island and in lower density growth management areas in Community District 10, Borough of the Bronx, for community facility uses, each required parking space in a parking area not within a building shall be within a parking stall accessed from a travel aisle, where each such stall and aisle complies with the maneuverability standards of paragraph (b) of Section 36-58 (Parking Lot Maneuverability and Curb Cut Regulations). The use of an attendant shall be permitted only where necessary to accommodate additional, non-required parking spaces within the travel aisles. For such open parking areas with 18 or more spaces, or greater than 6,000 square feet in area, the provisions of Section 37-90 (PARKING LOTS) shall also apply.