In order to carry out the purposes and provisions of this Chapter, five subdistricts are established within the Special Gowanus Mixed Use District. In addition, subareas are established within Subdistricts B and D.

Subdistrict A – Fourth Avenue Subdistrict

Subdistrict B – Upland Blocks Subdistrict

 Subarea B1

 Subarea B2

Subdistrict C – North Canal Corridor Subdistrict

Subdistrict D – South Canal Corridor Subdistrict

 Subarea D1

 Subarea D2

 Subarea D3

 Subarea D4

 Subarea D5

 Subarea D6

Subdistrict E – First Street Subdistrict

The boundaries of the subdistricts are shown on Map 1 and the boundaries of the subareas are shown on Map 2 in Appendix A of this Chapter.