Sidewalk widening

For buildings developed or enlarged after September 7, 2017, where the development or horizontal enlargement fronts upon designated streets as shown on Map 8 (Sidewalk Widenings) in the Appendix to this Chapter, the provisions of this Section shall apply.

A sidewalk widening is a continuous, paved open area along the street line of a zoning lot, located within the zoning lot. A sidewalk widening shall be provided along streets as shown on Map 8, to the extent necessary, so that a minimum sidewalk width of 13 feet or 18 feet, as applicable, is achieved, including portions within and beyond the zoning lot. Such depth shall be measured perpendicular to the street line. Sidewalk widenings shall be improved as sidewalks to Department of Transportation standards, at the same level as the adjoining public sidewalk and shall be directly accessible to the public at all times. No enlargement shall be permitted to decrease the depth of such sidewalk widening to less than such minimum required depth.

Lighting shall be provided with a minimum level of illumination of not less than two horizontal foot candles throughout the entire mandatory sidewalk widening. Lighting fixtures installed by the Department of Transportation within the street adjacent to such sidewalk widening shall be included in the calculation of the required level of illumination.

Where a continuous sidewalk widening is provided on the zoning lot, along the entire block frontage of a street, the boundary of the sidewalk widening within the zoning lot shall be considered to be the street line for the purposes of Sections 136-22 (Height and Setback Regulations) and 136-31 (Special Height and Setback Regulations Within Subdistrict A).