The provisions of Article VI, Chapter 2 (Special Regulations Applying in the Waterfront Area), shall apply, except as superseded, supplemented or modified by the provisions of this Section, inclusive. Map 4 (Waterfront Access Plan: Parcel Designation), Map 5 (Waterfront Access Plan: Visual Corridors), and Map 6 (Waterfront Access Plan: Public Access Areas) in the Appendix to this Chapter show the boundaries of the area comprising the Flushing Waterfront Access Plan, boundaries of parcels within the Plan and the location of certain features mandated or permitted by the Plan.

The Plan has been divided into parcels consisting of tax blocks and lots and other lands as established on December 10, 2020, as follows:

Subdistrict A

Parcel 1:        Block 4963, Lots 212 and 249

Parcel 2:        Block 4963, Lot 210

Parcel 3:        Block 4963, Lot 200

Subdistrict B

Parcel 4:        Block 4963, Lot 85

Parcel 5:        Block 4963, Lot 65

Parcel 6:        Block 4963, Lot 75

Parcel 7:        Block 4963, Lots 7, 8 and 9

Parcel 8:        Block 4963, Lot 1

Subdistrict C

Parcel 9:        Block 5066, Lots 7503 and 7507

Any development on a zoning lot within the parcels listed above shall be subject to the requirements of Section 127-51 (Modified Applicability for Visual Corridors and Waterfront Public Access Areas), Section 127-52 (Special Requirements for Visual Corridors), Section 127-53 (Special Requirements for Waterfront Public Access Areas) and Section 127-54 (Special Review Provisions).

For the purposes of this Section, inclusive, defined terms shall include those listed in Sections 12-10 and 62-11, but development shall be as defined in Section 62-11.