Accessory Off-street Parking Regulations

The underlying parking regulations shall be modified as follows:

(a)        In M1 Districts paired with a Residence District in Subdistrict A, the following shall apply:

(1)        Commercial and manufacturing uses shall provide either one parking space for every 1,000 square feet of floor area, or shall provide parking spaces at the rate required for M1-2 Districts pursuant to Section 44-21 (General Provisions), whichever requires a smaller number of spaces.

In addition, the provisions of Section 44-23 (Waiver of Requirements for Spaces Below Minimum Number) and paragraph (a) and (b) of Section 44-231 (Exceptions to application of waiver provisions) shall not apply to manufacturing uses. In lieu thereof, accessory off-street parking spaces may be waived for manufacturing and commercial uses if the number of spaces for all applicable uses is at or below 40 spaces.

(2)        Residential and community facility uses shall be subject to the parking requirements of R7-1 Districts, as set forth in Article II, Chapter 5 (Accessory Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations).

(b)        In C4-2 Districts within Subdistricts B and C, the parking requirements applicable to C4-4 Districts, as set forth in Article III, Chapter 6 (Accessory Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations), shall apply.