Special Yard Regulations

On waterfront zoning lots, the waterfront yard provisions of Section 62-33 (Special Yard Regulations on Waterfront Blocks) and grading requirements of paragraph (a) of Section 64-82 (Modification of Waterfront Regulations Relating to Level of Yards, Visual Corridors and the Ground Floor) shall apply, except as modified as follows:

(a)        for all waterfront zoning lots, as defined in Section 62-11 (Definitions), whose developments are comprised predominantly, as defined in Section 62-11, of uses in Use Groups 16, 17 and 18, a waterfront yard, as also defined in Section 62-11, shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of Section 62-332 (Rear yards and waterfront yards); and

(b)        the grading requirements of paragraph (a) of Section 64-82 may be modified pursuant to a certification by the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission as set forth in Section 127-61 (Certification for Interim Grading Conditions).

On zoning lots that are not waterfront zoning lots, no yard regulations shall apply.